Review of Zetronix Dash Cam


Zetronix Review Dash Cam Wide Angle 1080p HD with GPS

Zetronix Review Dash Cam Wide Angle 1080p HD with GPS

Zetronix– Records the road in stunning HD 720P video quality. You won’t miss a single detail with a 120 degree wide angle Sony CMOS sensor and lens, whether you’re driving during the day or at night. Large 2.5” LCD screen allows you to view & playback everything you record. Easy to use buttons with webcam mode and motion detection makes this the most versatile dash cam on the market

The ZetronixzDrive-HDi ultra wide angle high definition night vision car dash camera is equipped with a Sony ClearVid CMOS true HD 720p sensor with an ultra-wide 120 degree lens. The dash cam comes standard with a built in battery which runs for up to 4 hours and a 360 degree swivel ideal for recording outside or inside the car. The zDrive-HDi car cam includes infrared lights ensuring crystal clear video even in nighttime driving, a webcam mode,  2.5″ vivid LCD Screen and an HDMI output. This dash camera can also be plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. You can still use it while it’s being charged or record wirelessly for up to 4 hours with the built in battery.

High Definition Sony Image Sensor
The ZetronixzDrive-HDi is a professional grade highest quality dash cam on the market. The dash cam is equipped with Sony ClearVid CMOS sensor that records video with a crystal clear view of the car make and color, and even the license plate number in any driving condition. The dash camera comes standard with a dash board windshield suction cup ideal for easy placement anywhere in the car. The dash cam is also equipped with a 360 degree swivel ideal for any type of vehicle, whether you drive a car, bike or tractor trailer. And with a 120 degree lens, you can be assured that not a single detail will be missed.

On Start Up Recording
The zDrive-HDi is equipped with an electricity sensor that triggers the recording device as soon as you start your vehicle. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to press the record button. This dashboard camera will start recording automatically as soon as the vehicle has started.

High Capacity Micro SD Card
The zDrive-HDi dash cam has an ultra-high capacity and can process up to a 32GB SD card. Record 40 minutes per GB in VGA mode and 25 minutes per GB in HD mode, up to a highly impressive 22 consecutive hours. The dash cam also displays the time and date as you drive and record, which can prove to be useful information in the event you have to appear in court to substantiate your case.
Date & Time Stamp
The zDrive-HDi includes a built-in menu for easy date and time set up. First time you use it simply adjust the date and time to your current location. Every video or photo takes or recorded with the zDrive-HDi will have a superimposed date and time stamp in the bottom right corner of the video.

Motion Sensor Recording
The zDrive-HDi is equipped with motion sensor detection, making it very easy to set up this dash cam as a surveillance mechanism for your car or truck in the event of vandalism or theft. Simply set the zDrive-HDi’s recording to motion detection and leave it plugged into your cigarette lighter or use it wirelessly with the built-in  battery. Now every time someone  approaches your car, the zDrive-HDi will capture the suspect’s face and exactly what they were doing next to your vehicle.

Web Cam Mode
The zDrive-HDi can be used not only as an extra drive when plugged into your computer, but as a webcam as well. Attach the dash cam to your PC Laptop and see and record video instantaneously as you drive. This unique feature truly makes the zDrive-HDi one of a kind in the industry.

Night Vision
The zDrive-HDi HD dashboard cam comes equipped with 8 infrared lights that light up at night with just a press of a button. Light up the road in front of you with 8 powerful Infrared LED’s and record every single detail with no blemishes. Whether you’re on the road at night or during the day, you’ll never miss footage with the zDrive-HDi dash cam.

Compact Size
The zDrive-HDi’s compact size guarantees that your safety will not be compromised by blocking any part of your view and complies with all US and International safety laws.

HDMI Output
The zDrive-HDi comes equipped not only with a a webcam mode, which gives you a live video feed to your PC/Laptop, but an HDMI output at well, enabling  the dash camera to be  plugged into your TV or any device with an HDMI output for a live feed or a playback at a later time.

Ultra Wide Angle 120 Degree Lens with 360 degree Swivel
The zDrive-HDi comes with a windshield suction cup attachment to safely and securely connect the unit to your windshield. The car video camera alsoincludes a120degree wide angle lens that captures video of the area surrounding your vehicle, whether you drive a small sports car or a large eighteen wheeler. The dash cam light sensitive CMOS sensor enables you to capture everything in any type of driving condition, whether it’s dark, foggy or raining. The high definition sensor records video at an impressive frame rate of 30fps at 1280×720 HD resolution, guaranteeing a clear picture even at night.

1 Year Product Guarantee
zDrive-HDi car video camera is the highest quality and most reliable dash cam on the market today, equipped with hardware and software that underwent rigorous quality assurance testing. We are so confident in our product that we include a 1 Full Year replacement guarantee in the unlikely event that you experience product failure. Zetronix sells electronic equipment with breakthrough technology, such as the spy cam and the dash cam, to police departments across the US, the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI. The security arms of federal, state and local governments trust Zetronix to supply their agents with cutting edge technology that plays a pivotal role in investigations and crime prevention. Now for the first time, you can purchase your own dashboard camera to help with your investigation in the event of an accident. Law officers and field agents in the line of duty rely on the dash cam and other Zetronixproducts in the most difficult and stressful conditions. THAT is why we are so confident that the zDrive-HDi will be a valuable asset to you, your business and your employees.

Review of the Zetronix 720p HD dash cam DVR Nightvision Car Truck

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